Sunday, 21 March 2010

Book for Historic Royal Palaces... Nearly Finished!

Rachel is working on a book for the Historic Royal Palaces. It is based on the Sunday Best project - and other interviews. It's going of to print soon!


Guy05ArtCollective said...

thank you very much. iam glad you like my work. its really nice to here some feed back. i love the style you guys have with your work its really cool. i will keep an eye out for new work to appear on the blog and the website. so if i have read right are all you guys based in london ?

Guy05ArtCollective said...

yeah i am in the fine art department i really like it as it gives me the opportunity to create the work i do with out restrictions. dont get wrong i am very intrested in illustration and when you say my work is illustrative its only a complement thank you! it would be great if sometime i can bring my work to you for a little tutoral. it would be good to get a illustraters oppinion

Guy x