Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Rachel's drawings for 'Silk'


Paulio said...

Very impressive! Your illustrations are beautiful. Im sure you will be very successful.

Zoe said...

These are beautiful Rachel, you clearly have a wonderful talent that has been fostered through your dedication. As a follower of your work I have seen it grow and progess and can honestly say these are some my favorites. I look forward to seeing what else is put up.

superdario said...

Rachel, in my humble opinion you are one of the best illustrators I have ever seen.
I have been a great lover of art since I first watched ArtAttack back in the 80’s.
Your illustrations piss all over that bloke who made…..utter crap to be honest…..and don’t get me started on Tony Heart and Rolf Harris.
Anyway you’re a lot better than those muppets. I wish you all the best for your career and please never stop producing quality stuff like you have been all your life. xxx